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IPL Fantasy League

IPL Fantasy League

The Indian Premier League returns for its 2020 season soon, and the IPL Fantasy League comes with it in its return.

Entering in is free.

The IPL Fantasy League runs throughout the season, offering Daily Challenges, where players can build teams for each match round.

Here’s a rundown of the rules for the IPL Fantasy League, as well as tips and advice for players:

Selection Rule –
Entrants have 100 credits to spend on their squad, which will consist of 11 players. To know more about such rules and tips and also to play Fantasy Cricket you can go to Team2play.com, where you can win big too.

Selection Rules
Entrants will spend 100 credits on their team which will consist of 11 IPL players.
Each team must consist of:
• At least one wicketkeeper (maximum two)
• At least three batsmen (maximum five)
• At least one all-rounder (maximum three)
• At least three bowlers (maximum five)
• At least one uncapped Indian player
• Maximum four overseas players
• No more than seven players from one IPL franchise.
Users can make up to five free-trades before the deadline of each round. Any further “Premium Trades” will cost 10 points each.

Points Breakdown

Batsmen will receive:
• 0.5 points per run
• 0.5 points per boundary bonus
• 1 point for six points scored
• 4 points for half a century
• 8 points for a century
• -2 points if dismissed for a duck

Bowlers will receive:
• 10 points per wicket, except run-outs
• 4 points for four wickets in one match
• 8 points for five wickets in one match
• 4 points per maiden over

Fielders will receive:
• 4 points per catch
• 6 points per stump / run-out
• 4 points per throw leading to a run-out
• 2 points per catch leading to a run-out.
Users can appoint a captain and a vice-captain before each game. The former gets double points, while the latter get 1.5 times points.
In starting XI at their side, all players earn two points per appearance.


What matters a lot in succeeding in IPL Fantasy League is that when it comes to picking your team first and then doing business during the season, you’ll want to know which players perform year after year consistently and who is in hot form currently.
If you will go to IPL’s official website, its extensive stats section will be one of your best resources, whether you want to know who scores the most runs or delve into more detailed metrics such as strike rates.

Also, you will need to strike the right balance between star players and bargain purchases.
You effectively need to average a cost of nine credits per player to prevent your 11-man squad from going over your 100-credit budget.
Many of the major names, such as Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Virat Kohli, can cost 10, or more credits. Kohli himself is putting you back 11.5 points.
Finally, the IPL runs from March to May , with at least one fixture daily in that time. As such, in IPL Fantasy League, keeping a close eye on your Round Status will tell you when one round ends and another begins. Thus, preventing you from missing the valuable trade windows between each round.

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