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New Fantasy Cricket App

New Fantasy Cricket Apps

Fantasy cricket, especially the New Fantasy Cricket Apps are basically online games in which a user can create a virtual team of true cricket players. A lot of newfantasy cricket apps are coming up onto the scene these days. The players can be selected from the upcoming match, and points are scored depending on how the players selected perform in that match in real life. The higher your team scores, the better your chances are to win.

How to play them?

It is very easy to play the new fantasy cricket apps. Especially on sites like Just follow the steps underneath.

•Select the match you want to play

• Enter one of the various tournaments

• Build your squad

• Win money and earn cash.

You can visit for more information.

Which players to select?

Check the Pitch chart. Check if pitch is batting or bowling friendly. If it is batting pitch then pick more batsman from the team and if it is a bowling pitch then select more bowlers from the team. Check player performance from previous match, and player records on pitch play. You can select players for your team according to all of these factors.

What are tips and tricks to win more?

  1. A player sitting outside is unable to function, so make sure you pick certain players that will be in the XI game. Now, you can edit your squad until the last minute before the game starts.
  2. In both teams, search for batsmen for batting positions 1-2-3. Both the team’s

first 3-4 batsmen get the full chance to score runs. And that is why somebody like Kohli or Rohit Sharma has more runs than Dhoni.

  • Select players from preceding matches based on their form.

You can benefit more from selecting a player in form compared to selecting a player that is not. See also how a player has done in past matches against the same opponent, or on the same pitch.

  • Check the pitch & weather report. Test whether it’s a nice bowling or batting pitch? Is the average score above 180 in T20s at that pitch? This will help you decide if you want to go for a heavy team of batsmen or a strong team of bowlers.
  • It doesn’t care much about Bowler’s economy. Wickets matter more. So pick wicket takers as your bowlers. Bowlers like Piyush Chawla or Imran Tahir, for example, would earn you more points, as they take a lot of wickets, even if they get hit a lot.

Once you’ve picked the “Best XI,” it’s time for your squad to pick a captain and vice-captain.

           Is Playing in New Fantasy Cricket Apps legal?

Fantasy Cricket Games are legal in India, these new fantasy cricket apps are categorized as the game of skills as it involves skill factors such as knowledge, expertise, judgement, strategy and understanding.Where capability factors such as information, experience, decision, strategy and understanding are involved.

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