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IPL Fantasy

It just seems yesterday that Brendon McCullum was taking on the mantle of revealing the IPL to the world. Nine years have passed since that blitzkrieg, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) rising in stature each year.

The IPL was supposed to entertain, introduce rivalries in towns and offer a two-month long cricket vacation to the Indian cricket fans. And boy delivered it! The initial apprehensions about the short format fizzed away and people gradually realized the importance of the T20 game in the bigger scheme of things.

Time flies, things are changing which is the world’s norm. But the cricket fan in India is defying worldly norms. His standards are time check. They never waver, never go anywhere, and no matter how much his favorite IPL team’s success is cursed by the average Indian cricket fan, he / she is always with them.

Yes, there’s the occasional rant a fan goes on about his team’s bleak performances; but then that’s just an exhibition of how much emotional attachment he has for his team.

Oh! And the views, how can we forget these. Everyone sitting at every nook and corner of the country is in his head a selector, a captain, a bowler, a batsman, a fielder, an umpire and even a commentator. He has the perfect notion of what the best eleven should look like, which field setting should be in place and which batsman should be playing at which position.

Each of us would love to announce this power to the team before each match, to see the’ right’ hand battering opponents entirely. And how can we ignore the passion that every Indian fan lusts for banter and competition?

The IPL Fantasy League comes very close to getting all that satiated. Sites like Team2play.com provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the cricketing acumen of all the country’s tactical geniuses. Fans can compete with their friends and relatives to see who has the finest managerial skills with a smooth interface and the option to create their own private league.

The’ Game mode’ requires proper preparation, and with a cap on the amount of transfers for the entire tournament, to save transfers, one has to look to the future. The IPL Fantasy League has all the ingredients to keep you involved throughout the entire duration of the game.

Basic guidelines for the IPL Fantasy League-

8 teams, 56 league games, 80 transfers, countless superstars…

Note: You have 8 transfers for the second phase (the knockout phase), but more about this later.

The IPL fantasy game’s first rule is that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint. There will be bleak times but you’re bound to hit your purple patch with a sound strategy and your daily dose of Fantasy tips (yes, I’ll give those throughout the tournament). Just don’t give up, because the game loves you. Now you can choose a minimum of 2 bowlers and a maximum of 5, minimum of 2 batsmen and a maximum of 5, to a total of 1 allrounder and a maximum of 4 wicketkeeper and exactly one. You can also have only 4 players abroad at your side.

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