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Sporting apps and web sites have long been an intrinsic part of our industry.

India is currently on top of the Asian list of countries that consider fantasy sports as a crucial part. Let’s get an introduction to Fantasy Sports first. Fantasy sport is essentially an online game where each single user becomes the owner of a team. The owner would be making up the virtual team that has real players. Those players are the ones who play the virtual match actually.

The rise of fantasy cricket in India has undeniably been one of the biggest developments for cricket lovers around the country of late. The phenomenon of Fantasy Cricket in India that seems to have gripped every cricket fan in frenzy in the last year has seen a remarkable spike and guess what? Fever will only grow in coming days. Digital cash cricket has fully engaged even non-cricket fans and just for all the good reasons, amazingly.

Introduction to Fantasy Sports in India

Cricket is one of India’s most celebrated sports. The historic growth of cricket in the industry is unquestionable. Hence, the game now involves many big leagues. Some of these titles are ISL or Indian Super League, Indian Badminton League and Pro Kabaddi League, respectively. Due to the huge television audience there is also a growth of the various sports enthusiasts. Advertisements, fan clubs and merchandising are also available to fuel up the sports fever. These are some of the reasons why people have a growing affinity for fantasy sports.

With an anticipated user count of over 600 million, the development of a fantasy cricket India app will definitely take a huge jump.

Game theory

Fantasy gaming provides a range of contests, ranging from free offerings to paid leagues. Users get an opportunity to test their sporting expertise by picking teams from a real-world player pool for upcoming matches. These drafts are drawn up using virtual credits. Weighted credit scores are assigned to players, depending on their recent performance. For example, if there are 100 credits available, users must select 11 players within the allotted budget. Teams in marquee command a premium.

Why 2020 Is Going To Be a Year of Fantasy Cricket in India


The cash-rich tournament is a treasure to savor for fantasy cricket fans. To be spanned over a total of 50 days with nearly 75 matches being played, IPL will open all the avenues for users to register and play cricket online. The anticipation for the tournament is already plentiful online with Fantasy cricket India’s popularity.

World T20

If the IPL does not attract you enough to make use of your cricketing brains and win daily prizes via online cricket, international cricket will certainly do. Australia is all set to host its first ever T20 World Cup and there is immense excitement here. Many fans who want to watch cricket must also have a high chance to accept fantasy cricket when the tournament kicks off.

India in Australia

Most Competitive Cricket we’re going to see by the time the year is coming to an end, India will take on Australia. Now for fans who know what competitive cricket really is and are done watching one sided affairs, the world must be looking up to this series. The series will define where the test championship truly stands.

Nobody wants to be left behind, so log on now and polish your skills so you’re ready to play Fantasy cricket in India by the time tournaments like IPL and World T20 kick in.

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